Despite stringent health care standards followed in US, about 125,000 lives are lost every year due to non-adherence to medication. WHO reported that 50% Americans do not adhere to prescription medicine and advise.


Imagine numbers in India with 80% non adherence!

We at Med e Care endevor to save them!

Any one under prolonged treatment, should consider trying our products and services.


How we help assure adherence

  • MedeCare is an adherence platform on the cloud. 

  • MedeCare provides simple smart pill boxes medeAid to facilitate store, remind, alert and record adherence to multi dose medication at home, clinic/hospital or on the go.

  • They do not need any phone line, wifi or smartphone.

  • As per the program set-up by care giver / service provider, they alert the patient to take medication at appointed time both with glowing LED as also sound and voice notification.

  • They record medication taken with date and time stamp.

  • If medicine is not taken they keep reminding

  • If medicine is still not taken, they escalate alerts at multiple levels to family members / care givers

  • If medicine is still not taken, they record non-adherence.

  • They provide real time and periodic reports complete with graphs.

  • In addition to pills & tablets, syrups, injections, inhalers etc can also be connected.

  • Compatible bluetooth enabled BP monitors, Gluco monitors, weighing scales, oxiometers can be configured to send metrics from those devices to the Med e care cloud to provide a holistic view of your profile.

  • These reports can be sent to doctor / care giver as required by customer. 

  • They facilitate Doctors monitor patient condition remotely.

  • They come handy in drug trials.

To watch How they work click video


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Med eAid
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To watch How it works click video

How we help assure adherence


What People are Saying

I am a house wife and do not know much about the smart phones. But Med e is fully automatic and I need not do anything to set it up. I now take my medication from the box,  exercise, do Glucose tests and take weight, when I get the alert. It is so simple.

All this at such a small monthly rental is really unbelievable. Thank you Med e. My best buddy.

“I'm Gopinath. I opted for Med e for my mother aged 80 years and who does not know to read, write or speak English. It was a nightmare for me as I was away from her owing to my official duties. I was always worried weather she took her meds on time if so the right ones in right dosage. Med e is really wonderful. It is simple and I am now sure as I get alerts and report of her adherence.

I am Ramakrishna, retired Govt teacher. Me and my wife Lakshmi are using Med e smart pill boxes. Both of us suffered due to poor memory. Ever since we got the boxes gifted by my son, we never missed a single dose.

Smotha Prakash, Hyderabad.

Gopinath, Hyderabad

Ramakrishna, Chikkadpally, Hyderabad

Learn All About the Advantages that Our System Has to Offer

  • No entry barrier. Just a small deposit and monthly subscription and you are on your way to adherence.
  • Once box arrives, just power it on.
  • That is all, Sit back and relax. Leave the rest to us.
  • Periodic Adherence reports will be delivered to you and/or your Care Giver and/or your primary physician.
  • Going out of station. No worry. Carry the box with you and you are sure of your adherence.
  • Have liquids, gels, injections, inhalers? No worry! We have med suit for you.
  • Want to track your exercise, sleep cycle, etc. You can connect compatible devices.
  • All metrics through one box
  • Accessible from All Locations

First in India

First ever concerted effort in India on Adherence


Currently launching in Hyderabad.

Shortly going Pan India

24/7 Support

Excellent 24/7 customer support

Top Security

Already operating in US, UK and Europe. We are HIPAA compliant. Your e health record security is our priority.


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